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Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria. Received 25 September, 2013: Accepted 30 June, 2014 The production of steel from the locally available Itakpe Iron Ore in Nigeria was achieved in the Delta Steel Direct Reduction-Electric Arc Furnace Plant.

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Iron ore deposits found in abundance in Nigeria, West Africa with up to 3 billion tonnes are in Nigerian states like Kaduna, Enugu, Kogi, Niger, Kwara, Bauchi and Zamfara. Iron ore is an essential rock mineral,which the formation came as a result of combined chemical reactions of oxygen and iron in marine and freshwaters.

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Mining industry of Nigeria Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nigeria has several deposits of iron ore, (ASCL) in Ajaokuta and Delta The company and its mining operations are based in Kogi State.

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38 行· Dec 12, 2019· 4) Iron Ore. Iron Ore is a mineral resource in Nigeria with its biggest

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Jan 27, 2021· The national iron ore company was founded in 1979. 3billion tonnes of Iron ore is said to be available in Nigeria, iron ore is present in different states in Nigeria, like the FCT Abuja, Enugu, Kogi, and the Niger state.

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Dec 20, 2019· 11. Mineral Resources Found in Delta state. Blessed with nine rich Nigerian natural resources, Delta is among the Niger-Delta states and they have Clay, Glass-sand, Gypsium, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Lignite, Marble & Oil/Gas deposits at their disposal. 12. Mineral Resources Found in Ebonyi state

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Nigeria has several deposits of iron ore, but the purest deposits are in and around Itakpe in Kogi State. IRON ORE. The National Iron Ore Mining Company was founded in 1979 and given the mission to explore, exploit, process, and supply iron ore concentrate to the Ajaokuta Steel Company (ASCL) in Ajaokuta and Delta Steel Company (DCL) in Aladja

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Coordinates. Aladja is a coastal town in Delta State, Nigeria.It is located on the bank of southern part of River Warri.The majority of the people are of Udu, a sub-group of Urhobo ethnic group. Until recently, a section of the town was predominately occupied by people of Ijaw ethnic group who eventually migrated because of the bloody land disputes that existed between Urhobos

Mineral Resources In Nigeria & Their Locations

Dec 12, 2019· 4) Iron Ore. Iron Ore is a mineral resource in Nigeria with its biggest deposit in Itakpe, Kogi State. The Mining and exploration of this mineral are majorly handled by the National Iron Ore Mining Company which was founded in 1979. According to, Nigeria’s iron ore

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May 30, 2018· Iron ore deposits found in Nigeria are revealed to be the purest deposits particularly those around Itakpe in Kogi State. The Ajaokuta Steel Company (ASCL) in Ajaokuta, and Delta Steel Company (DCL) in Aladja can be revamped to explore, exploit and produce iron and steels in Nigeria.

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Apart from its crude oil deposits, Delta is also rich in natural resources like limestone, decorative rocks, tar sand, kaolin, lignite, silica and industrial clay. Rivers State; Rivers state produces an estimated 344,000 barrels per day. The state has a GDP of $21.073 and a per capita of $3,965 while its internally generated revenue is over N80

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Nigeria opened its National Iron Ore Mining Company for the exploration and provision of its iron ore to steel companies such as Ajaokuta and Delta. Nigeria has about 3 million tons of this said mineral resource. However, it is quite unfortunate that the two steel companies in Ajaokuta and Aladja were not able to be fully functional. And did

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Nigeria is said to have up to 3 billion metric tonnes of iron ore. The Nigerian organization for iron ore which is the National Iron Ore Mining Company was established in 1979 so as to explore and make provisions of iron ore to Ajaokuta Steel Company in Ajaokuta. They also supply iron ore to the Delta Steel Company in Aladja.


Nasarawa Iron Ore Project consists of exploration license EL22928 and situated in Alhamis community in Nasarawa Eggon LGA community of Nasarawa State, North Central Nigeria. The project site is located at about 45 km to Lafia and 180 km to Abuja. The site covers 240 Cadastral Units of (48Km2).

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Nigeria started in 1958, while exploration of iron ore started in 1963, and by 1972, commercial quantities of iron ore was discovered at Itakpe. Other discoveries soon f ollowed.


By the middle seventies, NSDA re-established the availability of Iron ore and coal in Nigeria. In 1974 Tiajpromexport (T PE) of USSR submitted a preliminary project report (P PR), rationalized in 1975 when the siting of the Company at Ajaokuta to utilize the Itakpe iron ore was agreed upon.

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(Madagua, 2013) The beneficiation of Itakpe iron ore, making it suitable for production of Direct Reduced Iron from the MIDREX based Direct Reduction Plant at Delta Steel Company, marked a major turning point in the historical quest for the production of iron and steel from locally available iron oxide raw material in Nigeria.Direct reduction

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Feb 12, 2018· The company also got the National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO) located at Itakpe, in Kogi State. They were using the iron ore as main material to produce pellet balls.

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Iron ore discoveries at Itakpe reached 200 million tonnes in 1977 (Ola et al., 2009). Out of the nearly 3 billion iron ore reserve in Nigeria (Table 1) (Adebimpe and Akande, 2011; Bamalli et al., 2011), only the Itakpe iron ore mine have been developed, which started production in 1979. Table 1: Iron Ore Proven Reserves in Nigeria


Petroleum Institute, Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria. Email: [email protected] 3Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State, Nigeria. Email: [email protected] ABSTRACT A sustainable iron and steel production is the techno-economic backbone of the national

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iron ore reser ve in Nigeria (Table 1) (Adebimpe and Akande, 2011; Bam alli et al., 2011), only the Itakpe iron ore mine have been de veloped, which started pro duction in 1979. Table 1: Iron Ore

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The sinter grade concentrate of Itakpe iron ore found in the North Central Kogi state of Nigeria with cumulative undersize of 6.34% and 2.12% passing 90 µ m and 63 µ msieves, respectively, and that assayed 63.63% Fe, 5.90% silica and 0.72% alumina was ground in ball mill to produce a